Subject: Re: NetBSD/next (was: Re: NeXTBSD - 4.4BSD for NeXTstep machines)
To: Alan Perry <Alan.Perry@Eng.Sun.COM>
From: Christian Kuhtz <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 02/16/1996 14:04:23
Alan Perry wrote:
> Is there a ports-next yet?  I am a little confused about which Monday
> is being referred to here.

Yes, there is a private mailing list. Currently, only the a core porting team
is subscribed to keep the bogon emissions on a low level. As soon as there is
a "product" available, we'll open the forum up.
We will subscribe only those people to this list who have a lot more than
just a burning interest in the port, and a rather extreme desire to get their
hands really dirty.

> Also, what is the subscription mechanism?  I subscribed through the NetBSD
> home page, so I don't know what address or form the subscription request
> should take.

Since it is not a public list, you won't find it on the homepage (for now).


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