Subject: Re: debuging NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Pete Delaney <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 10/13/1995 01:49:14
   > I'm also starting to learn that using debuggers on kernels begins to
   > make one dependant upon those tools and sometimes you end up coding
   > much sloppier.  I get more done just staring at and verifying my code
   > over a weekend than 24hrs a day of kgdb can do me for a month ;-)
Interesting, I kind of had the opposite experience. When I was upgrading V6
UNIX to the V7 filesystem I was using code inspection and found that getting
feedback back from the system help alot. Perhaps it has something to do with
the developers brain design; which approach works best for him/her. I do recall
that while mulithreading (SMP) the Siemens Lock Manager that there was a point
where I wish I had used more code inspection, but in general, debuggers are great
at seeing the dynamics of the software and minimize my need to use printf's.

BTY, I sprained my wrist last night when I when out to skate for a bit, still
smarts a bit.