Subject: debuging NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Pete Delaney <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 10/11/1995 14:08:17
   > >Is the missing sbus directory going to be a problem?
   > No.   that directory got merged with the dev directory.   The Makefile
   > is out of date...

Like I expected, thanks. 

   > >Is it a big deal to compile the complete NetBSD release?
   > >Any expected problems with debuging a kernel compiled -g. 
   > >How does the embedded kernel debugger, DDB, work?
   > You have to turn on DDB in the config files like:
   > options         DDB,DEBUG,DIAGNOSTIC

DIAGNOSTIC doesn't work, two SPL level constants come up undefined.

   > Then when you hit L1-a or break you'll get the debugger prompt.
   > (There should be a ddb man page?).    If you use the NetBSD bootblocks
   > (rather than the SunOS ones) then the symbol table will be preserved 
   > and you'll be able to get symbolic debug info!

I didn't see a copy of installboot in the NetBSD heirarchy, how do I 
install NetBSD bootblocks?

   > good luck!
   > Chuck

Know anything about using kgdb. I found it a Most Excellent tool 
for kernel debuging. It would be nice if L1-A breaks could be cascaded
as OBP does with kgdb. So with DDB and kgdb installed, the first break
going into the kgdb stub, from their breaking into DDB, and from their
breaking into OBP.