Subject: Re: Got copy of Kgdb that's been Hacked for NetBSD?
To: None <pete@RockyMountain.Rahul.Net>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 10/11/1995 17:07:34
> 	I was wondering if one of you has a copy of Kgdb that's been hacked for NetBSD or
> perhaps even FreeBSD. If not, perhaps you know someone who has a copy that I can contact.

NetBSD's gdb (in the distribution) should support kernel debugging of core
files (don't quote me, I've never tried it...).

If you're using a SPARC and want serial-line kernel debugging support, I've
made a set of patches to gdb4.14 that lets it use the same remote debugging
protocol as NetBSD uses. You'll need a copy of gdb4.14.

My patches are at


Aaron B. Brown
Harvard University