Subject: Got copy of Kgdb that's been Hacked for NetBSD?
To: None <johnh@FICUS.CS.UCLA.EDU,>
From: Pete Delaney <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 10/11/1995 06:20:23

	I was wondering if one of you has a copy of Kgdb that's been hacked for NetBSD or
perhaps even FreeBSD. If not, perhaps you know someone who has a copy that I can contact.

	I tried out gdbtk a few times, I was thinking about give it a shot on kernel debuging.
When I use it last month on X11R6 it was still a little shakey, but I though the last copy that
I just ftp'd (4.14.89) might be solid enough. If not it's not big deal to skip the TCL interface.