Subject: Re: NetBSD running on a Sun 3/160?
To: Lars Kellogg-Stedman <>
From: 'Most Excellent' Eric Mehlhaff <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 10/08/1995 18:46:52 (Lars Kellogg-Stedman) recently wrote:

>Some time ago, the word was that NetBSD was 'almost' running on the Sun
>3/160.  Does anyone know if this status has changed?  I'm part of a student
>group that uses an aged 3/160 for a variety of purposes, and being able to
>replace SunOS with a solid version of BSD would be wonderful.

I'm running netbsd-current sun3 on a diskless sun 3/160.  Works fine 
most of the time.

 Eric Mehlhaff,