Subject: Re: FreeBSD CD-ROM 2.0.5 - Any SPARC Porting Underway?
To: None <>
From: Pete Delaney <pete@RockyMountain.Rahul.Net>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 08/29/1995 01:56:45
Hi Dave:

   > >Anyone know if 'anyone' has raised any Legal issues with BSDI or Chris Torek
   > >on his SPARC Stuff in the BSD release. I was currious why it wasn't on
   > >the CD.  With Dave Miller making big time progress on SPARC on Linux and
   > >Chris Torek's stuff I would think about three man months from now we could
   > >have FreeBSD running on the sun4c.
   >    That's correct. In fact, someone has already done a port of the Sparc code
   > to an earlier version of FreeBSD...but it would need a LOT of work to port the
   > port to -current.

I don't suppose you know:

	1. Who did it?

	2. Where a copy of it is?

	3. Why it wasn't integrated into the release?

	4. What the problems are?

	5. If some of the NetBSD guys would like to help.

   > I will get to it eventually (I have a Sparc sitting next to
   > me), but at the moment I'm too busy with other things in FreeBSD (namely, the
   > 2.1 release).

Since the previous version didn't make it into the release, I wonder if have 
this be more than a one man show might help increase the odds. If we could get
a few guys working on this I would think the odds greatly improved. I've got
plenty of sparkstations that I can use here at RockyMountain. What have you
been plaining to do? 

   > -DG