Subject: Re: FreeBSD CD-ROM 2.0.5 - Any SPARC Porting Underway?
To: None <>
From: Pete Delaney <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 08/29/1995 00:47:09
> For sparc, you want FreeBSD's first cousin NetBSD..
> see

I briefly checked it out. It feels dissapointing to see the Free/Net
BSD UNIX community splintered.

> they have more platforms but we have a better install and cover PC
> hardware better..

Sounds like the old X11R6 vs XFree disintegration. I see no reason why
they should be different source trees.

> you chose which you want..

I saw AT&T break up UNIX into a lot of individual releases and thought
it was stupid. Same for X on the PC and everything else. This doesn't
smell any different.