Subject: RE: NetBSD on a prime
To: 'netbsd-ports' <netbsd-ports@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John Maier <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 06/27/1995 08:44:00
Ah, the venerable Prime, can't tell you if a port is on the way, but I know 
the company folded a few years back.  (musing on) Prime/Primos was my first 
taste of mult-processor technology, at Southwest Baptist University (a small 
college in SW Missouri).  If I remember, it had 8 megs and would allocate a 
whole 64k/person and cranked a just under 1 MIPS.  I use to pour over the 
manuals for hours trying to learn it's deepest secrets.  One night while 
trying out various system level commands, the Prime crashed as I pressed the 
enter key.  Funny, everyone got up and looked at me.
(musing off)
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From: owner-netbsd-ports
To: netbsd-ports
Subject: NetBSD on a prime
Date: Sunday, June 25, 1995 8:54PM

        I hate to ask this, but... :)

        Is anyone working on NetBSD on a prime (I may be able to 'catch'
        one of these as is is thrown from a computing centre :)

        I expect the answer to be a resounding 'no' (With quite a few
        'a prime? what the hell is a prime?' :), but I said to the
        guy who told me about it I'd check... :)

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