Subject: Re: Mach port
To: John Brezak <>
From: James M. Chacon <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 12/12/1994 18:35:12
>At one point the Mach MK83 kernel (no server) did build and boot on NetBSD
>around 0.9 or so. Since the off_t changes and probably others, this is no
>longer the case, although it should be useful to track this down.

Mach4 from utah (Don't remember the exact site, there's a link from cmu's
mach http server) will build and boot under Netbsd 1.0 with little changes.
To get it to recognize the 4.4 file systems requires patches to one
bootstrap file, but otherwise it works "out of the box".

>There is a project on-going that is a Mach server/emulator based on 4.4Lite
>(LITES). It is fairly far along - boots multiuser, runs NetBSD, FreeBSD,
>Mach, and Linux binaries (Linux Doom). The mailing list to get on for this
>is "" .

Works fairly well is about right. Still has a few things before it can go
prime time, but certainly is usable.