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Date: 11/29/1994 20:22:31

Here's the post about Motorola's PReP motherboards.

First of all, it wasn't on comp.sys.mac.* but was on comp.unix.bsd,
so it might not be a news to you guys...

Well, I kept only a print-out of the post, and I scanned it with my
housemate's HP ScanJet IIP.  I corrected all the OCR errors that I
noticed, but if there still are some more, I'm sorry.

Anyway, enjoy!  I'm looking forward to hearing from you setting up


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>Hi Carsten,
>In article <>, (Carsten Hammer) writes:
>I> Hi,
>I> as my computer isnt fast (new) enough any longer i would like to
>I> know what cheap platforms are there with a future with NetBSD.
>I> I am interested in people who are willing to contribute in a
>I> project to build a'NetBSD computer around a MPC601 or similar.
>I am not that much into hardware and I would be of no help for your
>project, except for writing and testing some device-driver code for
>the new machine.  If you really ant a cheap NetBSD-PowerPC, which is
>what I want :-), you could contact Motorola and buy a board from them.
>They are offering boards equipped with the 603 and ith the 604-10OMHZ.
>These boards are PReP-boards and have everything you might need
>already on them: SCSI-Hostadapter, Ethernetchip, RAM-Controller,
>GFX-chip with 2MB-DRAM, PCI-BUS and PCI-ISA-Bridge.  The only thing
>you need is (PS/2)-RAM, keyboard, Mouse, SCSI-HD, a monitor and a
>desktop-case.  If I weren't leaving in two weeks for South-Africa I
>would buy myself such a board instantly.  The price is very reasonable
>(about $1200) for the 604-board in single quantities.  I think
>Motorola is going to ship WindowsNT with it, so you even have a native
>plattform to port NetBSD to the PReP-plattform.
>If you want to know more about the PowerPC and Motorola, read the following.
>It is (c) by PowerPC News.
>(C) PowerPC News - Free by mailing:
>PowerPC Family of Microprocessors Brochure             ER1146/D
>PowerPC Microprocessor Software by Motorola            BR1147/D
>PowerPC Microprocessors                                BR1148/D
>PowerPC Microprocessors Product Overview               SG422/D
>MPC601 User's Manual                                   MPC601UM/AD
>MPC601 Technical Summary                               MPC601/D
>MPC601 Electrical & Mechanical Specification           MPC601EC/D
>MPC603 Technical Summary                               MPC603/D
>MPC603 User's Manual                                   MPC603UM/AD
>MPC604 Technical Summary                               MPC604/D
>PowerPC Tools Catalogue                                MPCTOOLEK/AD
>PowerPC Architectural Simulator Overview               PPCARCH32/D
>Sim6O3 Timing Simulator Overview                       PPCSIM603/D
>PowerPC Fortran Compilation System Overview            FTRANCOMPSTM/D
>PowerPC C Compilation System Overview                  CCOMPSTM/D
>Winaows NT Device Driver Kit Overview                  DDK/D
>Windows NT C/C++ Compilers Overview                    NTC/D
>Windows NT Firware Overview                            FIRMWARE/D
>Windows NT HAL Kit Overview                            HAL/D
>Power RISC Control - MPC500 Family                     BR1184/D
>PowerPC White Paper                                    AR356/D
>To order any of the above documentation contact the following numbers:
>European Contact: Tel: +44 (0)272 447760
>US Contact: Tel: + 1 800 845-MOTO OR + 1 512 343 8940
>PowerPC Technical Training
>Motorola Technical Training in Europe provides up-to-date professional
>Training Courses on Motorola microprocessors and microcontrollers.
>Our dedicated Training centres are situated in Aylesbury, Paris and
>Munich.  All Motorola Technical Training Courses are Instructor led.
>Motorola Instructors actively maintain the courses they present to
>ensure the material is accurate and timely.  In addition, several of
>our Instructors are involved in new course development, constantly
>bringing the Course material up-to-date.  As well as the Standard
>Courses in our Training Centres, we can also present on-site training.
>Our Instructors will present one of our standardised Courses or tailor
>the Course to fit the customer's specific needs.
>For further information and Course Content, pricing, etc., please
>contact our Training Administrators:
>  Aylesbury - Geraldine Shumate        Tel.  No. (44) - (0) 296 380304
>  Paris - Tien TranAceto               Tel.  No. (33) - 1- 40955892
>  Munich - Brigitte Thaller            Tel.  No. (49) - 89 - 92103571
>Motorola Products
>Motorola offers in addition to the PowerPC microprocessors memories, PCI
>chipset, clock drivers and support software.
>Compilers, Software and System Development Tools:
>Product                                                Platform
>-------                                                --------
>SDK for Windows NT                             x86 PC Cross-compiler
>SDK for Windows NT                             PowerPC Native compiler
>Windows NT Firmware Kit                        x86 PC or PowerPC Native
>Windows NT HAL Kit                             x86 PC or PowerPC Native
>C/C++ Compilation Tools                        PowerMacintosh
>FORTRAN Compilation Tools                      PowerMacintosh
>MPC603 Timing Simulator                        RS/6000 and SUN
>MPC601/3/4/20 32bit Architectural Simulator    RS/6000 and SUN
>MPC601/3/4/20 32bit FORTRAN System             RS/6000 and SUN
>MPC601/3/4/20 32bit SDP Bundle                 RS/6000 and SUN
>For additional information on availablity and pricing of the above products
>please contact Motorola at the following numbers:
>European Contact: Tel: +44 (0)272 447706
>US Contact: 1 800 845-MOTO or 512 343 8940
>            Internet Address:
>Hope that helped,
>  Guenther (, maeuschen@irc)
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