Subject: Re: PowerPC
To: grantham <>
From: Joachim Isaksson <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 11/28/1994 22:03:07
>> Just - as the title might say - wondering if anyone has been thinking about/
>> started a PowerPC port of NetBSD. There has been quite some discussion about
>> UNIX ports on comp.sys.powerpc, and I might be interested in trying to find
>> a machine and maybe (time permitting) start porting the kernel if noone else
>> has already started.
> Are you talking RS6000, PReP, PowerMac, or that new IBM-Apple
> child of PReP and PowerMac?
> 		-Brad

Well, basically anything I can get my hands on, the memory handling/low level
stuff would be the first thing to fix, so I guess it's not until it comes to
device drivers etc. it would have to divert in a big way. Preferrably a
somewhat more 'open' system than the current powermacs though.

							- Joachim