Subject: Re: Shared libraries on m68k machines
To: None <rri!>
From: Markus Wild <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 11/24/1993 22:03:01
> > 	It would be surprising if all of the ld specific code can't be
> > 	shared amongst all m68k ports. Take the time to do it
> > 	right the first time... So, what do the Amiga, Atari and Mac
> > 	people have to say on this? I notice their trees haven't been
> > 	integrated fully into the grand scheme yet...

I'll have to go about doing the full integration of the amiga 
changes. So far, I'm trying to keep the sys directory as uptodate
as possible (I don't have a fast network connection to my
development machine :-((). I'd agree that an m68k gas/ld binary
should work on all m68k machines (provided they all use 8k pages).