Subject: Re: Shared libraries on m68k machines
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 11/23/1993 11:03:36
> >         Paul, do you think you might be able to put your files (or
> > diffs or whatever) into ~ftp for those of us on the porting fringe who
> > don't have accounts on sun-lamp?
> Actually, I would like to see this stuff commited to the tree as soon
> as possible.
	Umm, might want to wait a bit to sync up with the other m68k
	ports so the various m68k ports aren't duplicating code
	unnecessarily. It looked like alot of it was gcc related and
	some of the m68k ports, Amiga for one, have at least some
	gcc 2.4.5 PIC support already, I know gcc 2.5.4 certainly has
	full PIC support for both MIT and MOTOROLA syntax.

	In this case it might pay to take a step back, have the various
	m68k ports pow wow briefly and decide which parts are generic
	m68k and which will have to be port specific.

	It would be surprising if all of the ld specific code can't be
	shared amongst all m68k ports. Take the time to do it
	right the first time... So, what do the Amiga, Atari and Mac
	people have to say on this? I notice their trees haven't been
	integrated fully into the grand scheme yet...

	Haste would probably make waste in this case.