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Re: NetBSD and Minix3

Morten.Gulbrandsen (Java programmer)" <> 

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>Dear NetBSD users:
> B.C.
>I just noticed this:
>Retourner au contenu associé (dépêche : Entretien avec Andrew Tanenbaum
>à propos de MINIX)
>Which says that Minix kernel will be ported to netBSD. is is likely to
>be useful for NetBSD?

I believe it says that certain parts of NetBSD, specifically header files, 
libraries, and some userland tools will be imported into Minix. This gives 
Minix application compatibility with a modern Posix like system, while still 
retaining its micro kernel basis. 

>It also says here:
>Minix wird NetBSD-kompatibel und soll auf ARM laufen
>That the Minix3 kernel will be included in NetBSD and the 8000 or so
>software packages will be available for minix which will give BSD an
>optional kernel.

I may also be reading that slightly differently, (or rather reading the google 
translate of that page :)

Pkgsrc (the packaging system used on NetBSD) has already been initially ported 
to Minix (among other systems). This is finishing this work.

Also, Minix is going to be ported to ARM.

>It is news, but I don't know if it is good news for BSD.

A system with a compatible licence (Minix) is going to use some of the 
libraries and userland code from NetBSD, and most likely feed back changes. 
That to me definitely seems like good news, for both NetBSD and Minix.

Pkgsrc is going to become the fully supported packaging system for Minix. Good 
for Minix, good for any system using pkgsrc :)

(written using k9 on my phone, apologies for any formatting glitches)

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