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NetBSD news items

The NetBSD website has some recent news items for October:

The following is directly from the webpage:

NetBSD 2.0 RC4 tagged (08 Oct)

A new release candidate RC4 of NetBSD 2.0 has been tagged. The
changes since RC3 include fixes for IP Filter (concerning IPv6 and
better backwards compatibility with existing configurations),
checksum processing for bridge interfaces, support for the Adaptec
AAR 2810SA raid controller, linux compatibility and changes to the
pagedaemon in order to improve performance under heavy disk load.

To allow for testing of this new release candidate, the final
release of NetBSD 2.0 is expected to be pushed back about 1-2 weeks.
Binary snapshots will soon be available on the mirrors of the NetBSD
release engineering ftp server.

Third Quarterly Status Report published (05 Oct)

Jan Schaumann published the NetBSD Foundation's third quarterly
status report, covering the months July through September of 2004.
Among many other things, this status report covers NetBSD version
numbering scheme changes and of course upcoming release of NetBSD
2.0. It is available online at

NetBSD 2.0 RC3 tagged (updated) (05 Oct)

After tagging NetBSD-2.0_RC1 and NetBSD-2.0_RC2, there have been
a few pullups that fix some issues with Linux emulation under
NetBSD/i386 as well as some installation problems under some of
the arm-based ports. This means that the final release of NetBSD
2.0 will need to be pushed back approximately 1-2 weeks to allow
for testing of this Release Candidate.

As usual, binary snapshots will soon be available on the release
engineering ftp server.

New Developer (01 Oct)

The NetBSD project is pleased to welcome the following new developer:

Kouichirou Hiratsuka (login: hira), who will be working on the
NetBSD Packages Collection and bug fixing.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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