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[Info] Register for the USENIX AsiaBSDCon2004

Dear Colleagues:

  I would like to invite all those who have not registered for
  the USENIX AsiaBSDCon (March 13-14) to do so at our website:
  It contains the conference schedule and updated information as we go
  along with activities.

  The conference hotel is very inexpensive at NTD$800 for single rooms
  and NTD$1200 for double rooms, with free built-in wireless networking.
  (1 USD ~= 35 NTD)

      Greg Lehey: BSD Kernel Debugging
        Ex-core team member for FreeBSD. FreeBSD, NetBSD committer
      OpenFoundry Tutorial
      Lawrence Hughes: OpenBSD - Install/Networking/Web/SMTP/Security
      Sam Leffler: "Cryptographic Device Support for FreeBSD"
                   "Next Generation Wireless Support for the Open Source
                    Community" (2 speeches)
        Ex-Berkeley CSRG member who helped to develop the original BSD
      M. Warner Losh: "State of the Art Precision Time-Keeping Embedded Systems"
        FreeBSD Core Team Member, Senior Engineer
      Kenjiro Cho: "Fitting Theory into Reality in the ALTQ Case"
        Sony CS Labs. Japan
      Junichiro "itojun" Hagino: "Implementing IPV6: Expereiences at the KAME 
        ex-NetBSD core team member, IIJ Labs.
      Robert Watson: "Advances in Secure OS Practices (TrustedBSD)
        FreeBSD Core Team member, NAI Labs Inc.
      Lawrence Hughes: "The Design and Implementation of Secure Internet 
      Jeffrey Hsu: "Concepts, Theory, and Implementation of DragonflyBSD"
      We have invited several distinguished members of the BSD community
      to the USENIX AsiaBSDCon.  The conference has no admission nor
      registration fees.  It is located at the Academia Sinica
      Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan, taking place from March 14 to 15.
      Parking is free with advanced registration.
      As part of the organizing and program committee, I gladly invite
      you to join us at the conference and to register in advance.

Michael C. Wu   keichii@{ | | |
                 | }
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