Subject: Looking for open source Unix related job
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-jobs
Date: 03/02/2006 16:17:58
I am looking for work, preferably part time and telecommute. Even 
short-term, small jobs are okay.

For the past few years, I have been working as a Unix/open source trainer, 
Linux and *BSD consultant and remote administrator, and part-time writer.

I have designed and maintained DNS, mail, web, and RADIUS servers for 
various ISPs, hosting thousands of users, DNS domains, and websites.

I am a member of a few notable open source projects and a member of the 
BSD Certification Group.

I have hands-on experience with installing, configuring, maintaining, 
patching, updating, and/or packaging hundreds of software suites.

I co-authored a Beginning Unix book and have authored over 100 articles 
and press releases covering open source and Unix news and features in 
print and online media. My degree is in journalism.

I have taught over 55 classes or workshops covering various Unix and open 
source software skills. I enjoy giving presentations.

I do a lot of volunteer work: I am currently coaching a youth basketball 
team and working on adding DragonFly support to the modular

Please email me for my resume in PDF (or other formats) which includes 
examples of some of my professional work.

 Jeremy C. Reed