Subject: Kernel / Real Time Project
To: None <>
From: Roger Narayan <>
List: netbsd-jobs
Date: 08/01/2005 16:08:56
Location: Please only Engineers who can work in Southern California

If you are a match, interested and available please send me 
- A Word Resume detailing your UNIX Internals/Kernel Development experience
and the skills below
- Your Availability to start work
- Hourly Rate/Salary expectation

If you are not available please do refer your friends/colleagues to me

Must Haves:
.           MSEE, MSCS, or MSCE degree or equivalent experience. 
.           Minimum 5 years experience programming embedded systems in the C
.           In-depth knowledge of UNIX internals with preference toward the
NetBSD release - Very Important to have this background
.           Comprehensive understanding of real-time scheduling aspects of
operating systems. 
.           Knowledge of networking and network stacks. 
.           ARM, MIPS or X-Scale processor programming experience. 
.           Experience with the GNU tool set (GCC, GLIBC, etc.) 
.           Ability to use JTAG emulators, logic analyzers, and
oscilloscopes to develop real-time embedded programs. 
.           Must be a well disciplined programmer capable of creating
strongly annotated and highly documented code. 

.           Disk and Network Storage background. 
.           Experience writing UNIX device drivers. 
.           Network Stack development experience. 
.           Ability to create simulations using MATLAB.

Roger Narayan