Subject: Looking for sysadmin or journalism job
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: netbsd-jobs
Date: 10/25/2004 12:41:03
I see this list doesn't get much traffic.

I am looking for a job. Part-time is fine and telecommute would be great.

A quick list of background, skills and experiences:

- bachelor's degree in journalism with concentration in computer sciences

- taught over 30 paid Unix and open source classes and workshops,
  including over ten multi-day classes covering *BSD administration.

- professional experience since 1998 as a consultant (or employee) for
  ISPs and office networks running *BSD, Linux and open source software
  (such as Linux-to-BSD migrations, squid, Apache, BIND, Exim, Postfix,
  SpamAssassin, and a lot more). Support web and DNS servers with over 400
  domains and mail servers with over 6000 accounts.

And since this is a NetBSD list:

- developed commercial binary updates system for NetBSD; sold
  subscriptions; researched and wrote patches for security updates;
  provided security updates (binaries with installation tool) to

- NetBSD developer; I help with communications, WWW, pkgsrc and pkgsrc
  security. (I have packaged over 50 softwares and have maintained many

- created several NetBSD-based Live CDs including X and various
  applications for rescue, demonstrations, emergency administration and

An online resume is at
A beginning of a software experiences chart is at: (If you have
suggestions on how I can improve my resume or experience chart, please let
me know.)

It sure would be great to have a job directly related to NetBSD, such as
administration, software updates, creating and updating pkgsrc packages,
etc. It would be really awesome to be paid to write documentation, code
system package tools, and code (from scratch) new packaging tools.

If you know of any jobs related to NetBSD or other open source -- or if
you need any part-time help or training, please let me know.

Thank you,

 Jeremy C. Reed