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Re: lang/openjdk7 & pkgsrc jpeg

David Brownlee <> wrote:
>So, for a variety of somewhat comedic reasons I find myself in
>possession of patches to make lang/openjdk7 use pkgsrc's jpeg support
>(or turbo-jpeg as appropriate).
>While normally its encouraged for packages to use other packages
>rather than internal versions, I suspect this rule may be different
>for java.
>What do people think?

The current lang/openjdk7 package seems to pick up jpeg headers from
/usr/pkg/include anyway.

With the most recent update to libjpeg-turbo the installed headers
have diverged enough from the copy of jpeg-6b in the lang/openjdk7
source tree that you get the error described in PR 46055.

Is there any reason not to switch to pkgsrc jpeg ?

Robert Swindells

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