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openjdk on netbsd


    I ran into an issue trying to run my app on openjdk7/netbsd and in
the process of trying to debug my problem, I ended up building openjdk6.

  The problem was due to a buglet in the configuration for the
SecureRandom class that caused it to read from /dev/random (and hang).
Apparently, the "file:" url syntax has been changed and the correct
system property in the ${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/security/
file in the openjdk7 package should be:


    I spent the time to get openjdk6 to build because I needed the
newer versions of jaxws/jaxb (for a spring/apache-cxf app).  If anyone
is interested in trying a native openjdk6, you can grab it from here:

  See the _README.txt.

  Sometime over the next few weeks, I'll try to make time to create a
pkgsrc port for this.  The changes are largely based on the work of
the freebsd port, so if you want to thank someone, they deserve all
of the kudos.  Let me know how this works for you if you get a chance
to try it out.


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