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Re: JNI interface

Hi David,

have you considered that sun-jdk runs under Linux emulation?
I would expect that you need to compile your native functions
into a Linux binary to get this working.

If this is not an option you could try to use a native JDK.
pkgsrc-wip has packages for native versions of Sun's JDKs, see (never tried them, though).


David Price wrote:
Hello, I would like to use JNI to call functions in a C library from java,
when I try to do a get and set call such as:

        field = (*env)->GetStaticFieldID(env,jvc,"float","F");

java segfaults , with sigsegv 11. Im doing the simple example case from and it is also occuring in a java program called jemboss which I am working on converting into a package to work under netbsd. My system setup is netbsd 1.6.1, sun-jdk/jre13-1.0.12, and my install of java is mounted over NFS, with the -X option enabled in fstab.

Any feedback on whether JNI /does/doesnt/can be made to/ work would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, David

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