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Font specification error...

While I haven't exhaustively tested this, it seems like anything running
with AWT will get this message dumped to stderr:

Font specified in not found 

It's a bit annoying. Anyone know why this is happening, or if there's a
possible workaround? The best I could find was a message on the web noting
that this sort of error message will appear without the proper font pack
installed under Solaris. This seems almost like a printf formatting error,

Just curious.

I'm using a quite recent netbsd-1-6/i386 and the latest pkgsrc:

acheron 1 /home/mason/work/java/swingtest$ uname -r 
acheron 1 /home/mason/work/java/swingtest$ pkg_info | grep sun-j
sun-jre13-1.0.9     Sun's Java(tm) Runtime Environment 1.3.1
sun-jdk13-1.0.9     Sun's Java(tm) Development Kit 1.3.1

Thanks in advance for clues.

       Mason Loring Bliss    /()\
    Squeak to me of love!   /    \

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