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A couple questions...

Hey, all. I'm not sure if this has been discussed as yet, but Majordomo
doesn't indicate the existence of any archives for this list, so:

1. Is there any plan for someone committing Todd Vierling's jdk PRs?
Namely, 20403, 20404, and 20405?

2. Is there any solution for getting Java to work inside of Mozilla, either
natively or under GNU/Linux emulation? The that comes
with sun-j{re,dk}13-1.0.2nb1 is listed as existing by Mozilla, but crashes
Mozilla on encountering a Java applet. I am learning Java and have a couple
applications where applets will be useful, and I'd like to be able to test
them under NetBSD. (Modern non-Mozilla alternatives are fine - Konqueror
or whatever - if someone can verify that applets work.)

Thanks in advance!

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