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Re: Please help - configuring e-mail

Dear newsgroup members,

As to the the hostname, do I correctly assume that it can be any valid text 
string? Maybe my mistake was that I REALLY call it "mynet" or something 
similar, without .com, .net or anything, since actually noone else knows who's 
this machine is besides myself!

By the way, my dormitory network does not "trust" me - it merely allows me to 
connect to the internet. As to checking the mail, I tried mutt (before I 
reinstalled), and it said I have no mail, but I had not configured it either, 
so no surprise here. But I checked GMX, the free mail provider (I sent e-mails 
to myself), and none arrived. The BSD mail utility also said "no mail", 
therefore, I assume indeed nothing was delivered.

date | mail -s TEST myusername

just gives me "postfix/sendmail: fatal: unable to use my own hostname"

I never tried to make an SMTP-server. Is this part of the setup?

No, I don't have hostname=mybox, I actually only have it with the IP-Address:
I have in /etc/hosts: mynet

and in /etc/rc.conf:


that is all.

Yes, last time I indeed DID set in /etc/postfix/ mydomain and 
myhostname, and it almost worked, but I was not too certain of what I was 
doing, that is why I finally just reinstalled NetBSD, and now I did not set 
them - now I just did what I described in my mail to you.

So do correctly assume that now I have to find out how to make an SMTP-server, 
and write somewhere hostname=mynet (where?)? Thank you in advance for your kind 

Kind regards,


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> Datum: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 09:34:22 -0400
> Von: "D\'Arcy J.M. Cain" <>
> An: "netbsd unix" <>
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> Betreff: Re: Please help - configuring e-mail

> I have Cc'd and redirected followups to  
> This
> question is not i386 specific.
> On Thu, 20 Mar 2008 06:39:00 +0100
> "netbsd unix" <> wrote:
> > I am trying to configure NetBSD to send and receive e-mails. I read the
> chapter 26 e-mail of the NetBSD guide, but this does not really bring me
> forward. I am using NetBSD 4.0 as a desktop without X. All distribution sets
> are installed except X. All I want is to be able to be a home user in a
> text-only NetBSD system. I would also like to mention, I once tried NetBSD
> with X and Sylpheed on the same machine with the same connection, and it
> worked flawlessly.
> It is possible for an MUA (Mail User Agent or "client") to work even if
> you don't have a local MTA (Mail Transfer Agent or "server") if you are
> set up to send outgoing email through a server that trusts you.  Have
> you tried elm or mutt on your text only system?
> > I tried to follow the steps in the guide, but when I had to do
> > 
> > postmap /etc/postfix/generic
> > 
> > as described in Chapter 26, it just complained that the hostname is
> empty. How do I set the hostname? I have no idea, I tried various things 
> (which
> I don't remember, sorry - I tried to set it in rc.conf, in /etc/hosts, and
> with the command hostname).
> Are you sure that you have "hostname=mybox" or whatever you call your
> machine?
> > I tried the example
> > 
> > sendmail myusername
> > 
> > but I get nowhere anything (I am quite sure I did it correctly, I tried
> many times):
> I guess sendmail is looking for an SMTP server and you don't have one
> yet.  Try this command:
> date | mail -s TEST myusername
> I believe that this does not use the local MTA.
> > OK, so what do I have to do in order to set up e-mail? I want to know
> the STEPS!
> Try going through /etc/postfix/ and let me know what changes you
> do to get it going.  Did you perhaps add a myhostname or mydomain
> value?  The default (not defined) should work in most cases.
> > So far, I understand it as follows; however, when I tried it yesterday,
> it failed:
> > 
> > in /etc/hosts add:
> > mynet
> > (I am in an internal network of my dormitory, I always get the same IP
> when I connect, which is
> > 
> > in /etc/rc.conf add:
> > mynet=
> I think the guide assumes that you have already set up hostname if you
> have a running system.  Let me know if the above suggestion works for
> you.  Perhaps I can add a note to that area of the guide.
> -- 
> D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>

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