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Re: NAS system

Johan A. van Zanten wrote:
Brad du Plessis <> wrote:
Hi all,

I was just wanting to find out if anyone can give advice about using NAS systems with a NetBSD based system as a client. I'm also looking for information about what NAS systems have been tried and tested with NetBSD.

 I use an Infrant (now Netgear) ReadyNAS NV+ with my NetBSD machines, and
a Mac OS X machine.

+1 for readynas.

After 16,000 hours, 1 failed hard disc and a flash upgrade to 3.01, I have to say it was a pain free experience. It just works :-)

 With an older version of their OS, "RAIDiator," 3.x, there was a problem
with NFS locking.  It's been fixed in the 4x release, which i think is
current shipping. RAIDiator is based on Linux.

likewise I experienced some quirks with 2.x firmware but 3.01 is fine with my setup.

 I like the ReadyNAS NV+ pretty well, but it's a bit slow with four SATA
drives.  I get about 20MB/sec. read but only about 5 MB/sec. writes.  (The
bottleneck is CPU.)  I'm not using Jumbo frames, but i am using gigabit
Ethernet and have increased the Read and Write sizes.

I get 11MB/sec writes, although I got 14+MB/sec for many months while when new, which dropped to 5MB/sec until the the firmware upgrade. likewise I am not using jumbo frames. I have a high turnover of large files and keep the fs near full most of the time so I cannot expect good performance. The forums have suggested that buying the 1GB RAM version/upgrade increases performance especially with the builtin media servers.


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