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Re: how to upgrade from NetBSD 3.1 to 4 ?

That bit is easy because I am already running Postfix on the 3.1 server.
Also the server has four partitions with user content on different partitions 
to the OS.

thanks, Philip

Lars Friend wrote:
>         One thing you'll want to read up on before taking this on (since
> you mentioned that this is also your mail server) is PostFix.  The
> default mail server on NetBSD 3.x is Sendmail, and 4.0 uses PostFix,
> which while a lot saner to configure and generally more trim and fit, it
> is configured very differently, so you may want to have all of your
> ducks in a row regarding that before you start your upgrade and either
> be prepared to swim upstream and keep using sendmail, or have a pretty
> good idea of what you'll need to do to postfix to make it behave as your
> sendmail used to.
>         -lars
> At 06:40 PM 3/1/2008, Philip wrote:
>> I read the documentation on the site and only suggests one
>> upgrade method, that is to
>> boot from a NetBSD 4 CD and upgrade that way.
>> The problem is that my broadband firewall / web server / mail server
>> is running NetBSD 3.1 and has
>> no keyboard, no monitor, and no CDROM drive. It lives in the cupboard
>> under my stairs. I only access
>> it using ssh.
>> Is there no other way? like put a netbsd 4 kernel on the drive and
>> reboot it or something
>> Booting from CD is going to cause quite a lot of hassle.
>> thanks for any help, Philip

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