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Re: Odd behavior from amd

The amq -u does not remove the symlinks.

We are using nfs maps with symlinks (like this):

juser           host!=homehost;rhost:=homehost;rfs:=/wd1e/export/home \

As I understand it, amd consists of two different logical parts:

1) A server that hooks file system access, looks up the mountpoint, and mounts it. (in /amd/...)

2) A userland NFS server that serves out a file system full of symlinks to the mountpoints managed by the above process (in /home).

It seems that part 1 is working, such that if I move a home directory, and then go crawling around in /amd/homehost/wd1e/export/home/..., or ask amq, the correct information will be picked up as expected, and the new filesystem will be mounted. The problem is that part 2 never seems to get the message. The galling thing is that it is _so_ close, the automounter mounts the new file system just fine, so it unmounts /amd/oldhost/wd1e/export/home/juser and correctly mounts the new tree at /amd/homehost/wd1e/export/home/juser, but the symlink in /home still (until amd is restarted) points to /amd/oldhost/wd1e/export/home/juser which of course no longer exists...

I hope that clears things up. That being said, it is only minimally disruptive to:

sudo /etc/rc.d/amd stop

sudo /etc/rc.d/amd start

but it just doesn't feel right to have to do that.


At 05:11 PM 2/8/2008, Christos Zoulas wrote:
On Feb 8,  4:03pm, (Lars Friend) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Odd behavior from amd

| At 03:53 PM 2/8/2008, Christos Zoulas wrote:
| (snip)
| > >Does anybody have any suggestions?
| >
| >Use 'amq -u' to unmount the offending partition before 'amq -f'.
| I just tried this, and the symlink is still wrong.  However if I ask
| amq, it says all is well.
| Thanks thought,

What kind of maps are you using? Did you verify that after amq -u the
symlink was gone?


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