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X keymap question


I have an X question, not a NetBSD question, but I hope you'll point me in
the right direction anyway.  It's a question of mapping the X keyboard, a
continuing mystery to me.  

I have Nedit running on NetBSD.  My X server is on OS X, on a Powerbook
whose keyboard of course lacks the big Enter key on the PC's numeric
keypad.  Nedit uses "Ctrl + KP Enter" (according to its menu) to execute a
shell command: You type your command into the editor, highlight it, press 
Ctrl + KP Enter, and the output is displayed in the editor.  

All this works fine -- I use the menu instead of the keyboard shortcut --
except that when I start nedit, I get these messages in the terminal

    Name: executeCommandLine
    Class: XmPushButton
    Illegal mnemonic character;  Could not convert X KEYSYM to a keycode

The almost useful advice I found was:
To get rid of this, edit nedit.c and comment out the shellMenu lines (near
line 242-245) in the fallbackResources section and recompile it. No doubt
there's an easier way but this is the most permanent.

"*shellMenu.executeCommandLine.accelerator: Ctrl<Key>KP_Enter",
"*shellMenu.executeCommandLine.acceleratorText: Ctrl+KP Enter",

Surely there's some way to have my X server map a key to "Ctrl+KP Enter"
instead?  I had to do something similar to create a "compose" key so I
could say hejdå properly to my Swedish friends.  

Many thanks for your kind advice.  


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