Subject: Re: Autologin into NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Karsten Kruse <>
List: netbsd-help
Date: 02/27/2005 13:12:18
Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> In article <> you wrote:
>>How can I autologin on a NetBSD system? After booting, I want to login
>>a user automatically (and then start X, but that already works). I found
>>some HowTos for FreeBSD, but the handling of ttys and gettytab seems to be
>>a little different on NetBSD. Does anybody know how I can handle this
>>on the NetBSD 2.0 machine in question?
> You could use kdm, which allows automatically logging in users.
> If you don't like that, here's what I use:
>  * In /etc/ttys, I have:
> 	ttyE0   "/usr/local/bin/login-feyrer ttyE0" vt220 on secure
> 	#ttyE0  "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         vt220   on secure
>  * /usr/local/bin/login-feyrer is executable and contains:
> 	#!/bin/sh
> 	tty=/dev/$1
> 	exec /usr/bin/login -f feyrer <$tty >$tty 2>$tty

Nice trick. I allready answered this but sent the answer to the poster 
only. Here it is again, for the archives:

Add that to /etc/gettytab:

  # autologin karsten

And that to /etc/ttys:

  ttyE0   "/usr/libexec/getty karsten_login"   vt220   on secure
  #ttyE0  "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"        vt220   on secure

Karsten Kruse

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