Subject: Re: Getting dhclient to log somewhere else than default facility.
To: Wouter Schoot <>
From: David S. <>
List: netbsd-help
Date: 01/09/2004 13:40:32
> So I was on my way to have it log somewhere else. Coming from Linux, I 
> was used to use the '!' character to have it easily logged to another 
> file than the defaults, when the program in question was unable to log 
> to another facility (which goes for dhclient, default in NetBSD).
> However, NetBSD's syslogd doesn't support it, pkgsrc doesn't have other 
> syslog daemons except for one in wip-pkgsrc, and dhclient is unable to 
> log to a file or other facility.
> How can I split the dhclient messages from the default file to another 
> file ?

'dhclient's syslog facility is hard-wired in the source code to 
"LOG_DAEMON".  To change it to something else is easy - a one-liner.
Modifying the code so that you could specify it in 'dhclient.conf'
would be more difficult.  You could modify 'syslog's configuration
so that the 'daemon' facilities log somewhere other than 
'/var/log/messages'.   That would reduce the noise in "messages",
but maybe also remove some information you'd like to see there,
since many programs use the 'daemon' facility.

David S.