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Re: migrating the NetBSD users guide to the wiki

On 04/05/2019 10:15, Leonardo Taccari wrote:
> Yes, while that's probably okay for most of htdocs I think that's
> a big limitation of eventually using wikisrc for the guide.

In the "guide history" on the wiki:
"In 2012/2013, the guide was converted in a Google Code-In task by
Mingzhe Wang (wmzhere) to Markdown. In early 2013, it was integrated to
the NetBSD wiki, along with removing old chapters, restricting numbering
schemes and some reformulations.

You can still get the old version of the Guide, which is not maintained
anymore." < last line links to the docbook copy

Somewhat ironic that the wiki version is now lagging behind, but I will
address this by getting the wiki version of the guide up to date and
start to add new content there.

Have you looked at this?

> Yes, but right now it has something to do regarding the lower barrier.
> ATM on wikisrc the contributor needs to fetch manually each wiki
> page, keep it as .orig file and then share the patch.

I have asked admins@ & Joerg if there's any reason why this repo
couldn't be mirrored on anoncvs/added to the conversion process.

> Apart lengthier tags I don't think editing XML is so much more
> terrible than editing markdown.  www@ can also help to integrate
> possible contributions in text format.

Opposing opinion, perhaps you can write the XML copy of the markdown
articles instead and keep the two going side by side?

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