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Re: Typo in boot(8) on x86_64, 7-STABLE

Rares Aioanei writes:
> Hello,

Hello Rares,

> In the boot(8) manual page on a x86_64 running 7-stable, the
> "Interactive mode section" -> "load", we see the following :
> "[...]Possible used of the load command include loading [...]", which
> should probably be "[...]Possible uses of the load command include
> loading [...]". As a side note, this does not seem to appear in the
> manpages of CURRENT.

As you've already noticed this was fixed in NetBSD by <pgoyette> in
revision 1.7 of src/share/man/man8/man8.x86/boot.8. Also netbsd-8
doesn't have the typo and probably isn't worth to request a pullup to
netbsd-7 IMHO.

Thank you for pointing out that!

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