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Re: Contribution to the documentation

Hello Philippe!

Philippe Baret writes:
> Hello,
> i am installing NetBSD on a my laptop right now
> being a journalist / editor working in French (native) and English 
> (professional), i would be happy to contribute (write, translate, seo) 
> to the documentation efforts, especially on the install sections.
> Let me know the process if it is needed.
> [...] 

That's great, welcome! :)

The main documentation for NetBSD - apart man pages - is `The NetBSD
Guide'. Appendixes A, B and C should contains everything needed to start
in contributing it:


Similarly pkgsrc has `The pkgsrc guide', always written in XML/DocBook,
apart appendixes above of `The NetBSD Guide', appendix D contains some
information about the process of (re)generating it:


Apart that we also have a wiki available at <>.

Regarding the web pages available in important notes
about it are available in `Editing htdocs' web page:


If you find anything missing, that needs improvements, clarifications,
etc. contributions are more than welcomed and you can send patches
directly there or via send-pr(1)!

Thank you!

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