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NetBSD Design Documentation

in several places on the NetBSD website it is implied that there is a serious 
design to it all.

For instance in features it mentions having a "clean design"
multi-platform support mentions having "correct design and clean code"

NetBSD system documention says "the primary goal of the NetBSD project is 
emphasizing correct design and well written code." NetBSD could be described as 
"It doesn't work unless it's right".

The only thing I could find on clean code was some C style-guides, namely
Though that seems to only cover how to properly format code written in C.

Did not manage to find anything with any detail about how NetBSD manages to be 
portable beyond the brief

So where is this fabled "correct design" documentation? 
If it is indeed a primary goal to emphasize correct design and well written 
code. Then shouldn't the public be made aware of what that means in detail. Not 
just so they/we(public) can check the NetBSD source code, but also so can make 
our own projects have correct design and clean code.

If there is some design documentation, I'm quite interested in reading it.

Logan Streondj

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