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Re: update on chap-rf

Hi Pierre,

On Tue, 06 Aug 2013 02:22:45 +0200 Pierre-Philipp Braun wrote:
> I am glad to send something to the documentation team.  The very good 
> Raidframe chapter needs a few updates.
> - installboot timeout is used as a trick to quicly identify on what disk 
> the system is going to boot.  You need to remove the /boot.cfg to use 
> the legacy bootloader layout, as /boot.cfg also has a timeout parameter 
> which takes precedence.  Either edit /boot.cfg or remove it.  I like the 
> old boot menu so I do,
>       /usr/sbin/installboot -o timeout=20 -v /dev/rwd1a \
>       /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv2
>       mv /boot.cfg /boot.cfg.bkp
> Note. This applies to the several installboot occurrences in the guide.
> - There is a little confusion on using FFSv1 versus FFSv2.  First the 
> guide says to initialize the file system on raid0a with FFSv1.  Then is 
> uses installboot to install the FFSv2 boot blocks.  Then the note just 
> below the latter explains it all.  Well, using FFSv2 from the start 
> isn't a bit issue even on less that 1TB drives.  It worked fine here, 
> anyways.  I guess you should just use FFSv2 from the start, and add a 
> little note on using FFSv1 for older systems.  The note just below 
> installboot could stay unchanged.

it is difficult to put that into the guide, as we cannot really experience
the same as you did. Could you please provide a patch with the changes (or
just the whole article edited, we can apply that as well)?

You can find the source of the raidframe chapter here:

Regards, Julian

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