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Re: Update [[how to install netbsd from an usb memory stick]] wiki tutorial


> in this email I will provide a patch to update the [[how to install
> netbsd from an usb memory disk]] tutorial in the NetBSD wiki as
> discussed with gnrp on #netbsd.
> Now the installation procedure is pretty straightforward and is
> documented in a README[0] (but only available in the 5.1.2 release).
> I tried to be as clear as possible but feel free to improve it. I only
> described the dd(1)-way for copying the image to the memory stick, it
> would be nice to add some information regarding non-Unix systems too
> (but I don't know and can't access any non-Unix system :)).
>  [0]:
> Keep up the good work!
> L.
thank you very much for the text. I changed some wording issues and committed
it, but didn't remove the old one - I think the tutorial is still useful for
people who use older releases or just want to learn the procedure.
So here's the new revision:

If you have more proposals about tutorials or other documentation to be
added, feel free to just post them to this list.

Regards, Julian

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