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csh(1) and standard shell commands


Many manual pages for common (POSIX) regular shell commands link to csh(1).

From ksh(1):

       POSIX regular commands

              alias      command    fg         kill       umask
              bg         false      getopts    read       unalias
              cd         fc         jobs       true       wait

And from csh's Makefile:

MLINKS= csh.1 limit.1 csh.1 alias.1 csh.1 bg.1 csh.1 dirs.1 csh.1 fg.1 \
        csh.1 foreach.1 csh.1 history.1 csh.1 jobs.1 csh.1 popd.1 \
        csh.1 pushd.1 csh.1 rehash.1 csh.1 repeat.1 csh.1 suspend.1 \
        csh.1 stop.1 csh.1 source.1

Is this desirable?

I've noticed that FreeBSD has a builtins(1) manual page.[1] I also recall
that some old commercial UNIX systems had special pages for these. Any
opinions about importing the builtins(1)? (It of course needs to be adjusted
for NetBSD's sh(1) and ksh(1).)

- Jukka.


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