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removal of non-english website content


As you may be aware, parts of our website have been translated to a
number of languages.  Unfortunately, there is not a single language into
which our website has been translated completely or where the translated
documents available have been kept up to date.  This means that many
people, in the hope to access information about NetBSD in their
preferred language, end up viewing old, out-dated documentation.

In the best case, this is a minor nuisance, possibly a confusion.  In
the worst case, however, the information available is downright false
and misleading. 

While we understand that it is very useful for non-english speaking
users to have documentation available in their own language, we believe
providing old and/or false information is in the end more harmful.
Creating translations of even a subset of our documentation and -- more
importantly -- keeping such documents up to date requires more time,
effort and manpower than we currently have available.

In the coming days, we will remove the various language-specific parts
of the website from our htdocs CVS repository.  (Should we revive any
translation efforts in the future, we will of course be able to use the
existing documents from the CVS Attic.)

Many thanks to all those who in the past have provided translations of
some of our documents, and we hope you will understand why, unfortunate
as it is to not be able to offer content in languages other than
English, we believe that it is more important to provide accurate and up
to date information, albeit in English only.


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