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-lfuse and Lb wrong for mdoc

man refuse says to use -lfuse.

That is what the source I was using also uses. I changed to -lrefuse and 
it worked.

It should probably be -lrefuse unless a symlink was intended?

src/gnu/usr.bin/groff/tmac/mdoc.local defines the available Lb macros (I 
changed -lfuse -lrefuse in mine.)

src/gnu/dist/groff/tmac/ documents the Lb libraries 
available -- it is missing at least a few (for example libbluetooth, 
libopenpgpsdk, libprop, libpuffs, librefuse, libsdb, ...)

Is -lrefuse (not -lfuse) correct?

Should the man page for mdoc(7) be updated to list all the Lb choices?

Also what is  src/share/man/man7/mdoc.7? It doesn't appear to be 

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