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docs for upgrading? says "There is also typically 
an upgrade procedure to bring a system from the previous formal release to 
the current one."

I think this should link to the documentation for this. Where is it? If it 
is several documents, then maybe at least tell the reader where to look 
for this "upgrade procedure". says "The 
maintenance branch(es) can be considered an easy way to get the most up to 
date fixes for a given release."

What is this easy way? What should this webpage link to or say?

I have a remote NetBSD/i386 3.1 (GENERIC kernel) system to consider 
upgrading. And I don't want to upgrade using src. The steps chould be:

- download desired sets
- move old kernel and install new kernel
- install new boot loader files??
- reboot using new kernel (if upgrading to new major/formal release only?)
- extract sets, preserving modes
- run postinstall
- run etcupdate
- reboot again

- or use sysinst to upgrade? (what about reboot between kernel steps if 
new major/formal release upgrade?)

By the way, one NetBSD developer told me that for his remote automated 
upgrades he creates a temporary library directory, copies libraries, and 
adjusts LD_LIBRARY_PATH to reference it first.

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