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missing licenses in man pages (man8)

Slowly working on printed book based on man8. ...

I noticed several files missing licenses.

(I blind carbon copied this same email to a few developers who were the 
ones who committed the initial manual pages. I mention your NetBSD 
username below. Please point me to the copyright/license, or public domain 

Please share your comments on any of these.

atrun.8 -- switched to GPL'd copy via OpenBSD? (do they know?) revert? ask 
cgd (original commit) and christos (removed license and switched to GPL'd 

bootparamd.8 -- .c is public domain, assume same

bootpef.8 -- license in .c file, assume same

bootptest.8 -- assume same as usr.sbin/bootp/bootptest/print-bootp.c -- if 
so must include this in the file itself

dbsym.8 -- maybe license is same as dbsym.c

fdisk.8 -- don't know if was written by Julian Elischer or Robert Baron or 

hpcmips/boot.8  -- ask takemura

hpcmips/pbsdboot.8 -- ask jun

i386/mbr.8 -- ask fvdl

kpasswdd.8 -- assume same as .c license

mrouted.8 -- is in mrouted/LICENSE -- this needs to be installed or in man 

mscdlabel.8 -- assume same license as in main.c

mvme68k/installboot.8 -- unknown, CVS says "from sun ports", ask chuck

pam_krb5.8 -- checked old openpam, I asked  markm AT FreeBSD, waiting

pcnfsd.8 -- is in src/usr.sbin/rpc.pcnfsd/common.h  -- should be shipped 
with nroff source for man page too

pdisk.8 -- I asked upstream author, waiting

pppdump.8 -- assume same as .c
pppstats.8 -- assume same as .c

pvcsif.8 -- assume same as .c

rtquery.8 -- assume same as .c, maybe ask Vernon Schryver?

tcpdchk.8 -- use src/lib/libwrap/DISCLAIMER -- needs to be installed
tcpdmatch.8 -- use src/lib/libwrap/DISCLAIMER -- needs to be installed

wpa_passphrase.8 -- is in src/dist/wpa/wpa_supplicant/README -- needs to 
be installed (so then should other files that use similar BSD license)

x68k/loadbsd.8 -- assume same as sys/arch/x68k/stand/loadbsd/loadbsd.c -- 
public domain

zdump.8 -- the tzcode2008h tarball says "The public-domain time zone 
        database contains code ..."
zic.8 -- tzcode tarball says public-domain and .c says public domain

Some of these I will fix myself by adding comments in nroff to source to 
state license or where it can be found.

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