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cleaning up/updating "The Design of the NetBSD I/O subsytems"?


This paper:
(the original URL is no longer valid)

is excellent (I've started reading it, but have referred to it on
occasion in the past).  It is, however, aging, and
could use technical review.  I'd be happy to work on the grammar,
myself.  Though of course contributions
from developers and others alike are welcome, ideally those most
qualified for each
section would work on them, and perhaps material could be added.  Of
course, all of this depends upon
consent of the original author.  IMHO, having a polished [hypertext]
version of this available on www would
likely encourage both personal and professional development for NetBSD.

Comments?  If there's interest, I'll attempt contact with the author.
Given the work he put in to this,
it would be a shame to let it stagnate further.



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