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Re: ...and now UPDATING

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, David Holland wrote:
> the hints section of UPDATING was out of date.

Thank you for doing this.

>      Build often: is supposed to handle building from almost any host system,
and this includes arbitrarily old NetBSD hosts, so "build often" isn't
really necessary if you use  (If doesn't work, it's
probably a bug.)

>  What to do if things don't work:
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> +When things don't work there are two basic steps to take first:
> +    1)  cd share/mk && make install
> +     You can copy share/mk/*.mk into /usr/share/mk by hand if
> +     necessary.
> +    2)       make includes

I'd say

    1) If you weren't using, then try again with
    2) If you have problems with files that are reported as missing, and
       your OBJDIR contains some files from a build that was done with
       an earlier version of the source tree, then it's likely that your
       OBJDIR contains out of date dependency information, referring to
       files that were deleted in between your previous build and this
       failed build.  Delete the relevant .depend or *.d files, or just
       delete the entire OBJDIR.
    If you insist on building without, then:
       [insert old advice here]

>  Failsafe rebuild of a small part of the tree:
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> +To rebuild and install one program (or library) safely from
> +scratch, do the following:

Delete "Failsafe" and "safely".  Similarly in another part of the file.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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