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Re: CVS commit: src said:
> One case would be that I (have) import(ed) NetBSD's libc more or less
> wholesale into more than one research project; I would like to be able
> to continue to do that without wading through every file to check for
> licensing problems. 

As said in another mail, FreeBSD seems to take that easier.
I wouldn't assume that to be a result of different negotiations
with TOG, but of different interpretation.
As a person which can barely read english text written by
normal humans, I can't honestly contribute to the interpretation
of the license text.
My gut feeling is "no worries", but I'd like to hear experts first
before I move the manpages forth and back in the source tree.

> This should probably be discussed somewhere other than source-changes,
> too. :-| 

OK, moved to netbsd-docs.

best regards

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