Subject: Re: guide.diff
To: Adam Hamsik <>
From: Mark Weinem <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 08/03/2007 12:28:15
Hi & sorry for the late reply!

> Because chap-net-misc already exist:). we have to alternatives here I can 
> create 4 small chapters from chap-net-misc (nfs,bridge,ntp,ipv6to4) or we 
> create one bigger with misc. stuff there. I preffer bigger chapter but I can 
> do it also with other way :).

I would suggest a new chapter: "Network file transfer": for nfs and 
similar things. Maybe a new chapter "Network Time Protocol" for ntpd, if 
there is no fitting place.

Bridge could be moved to "24. Introduction to 
TCP/IP Networking" or "25. Setting up TCP/IP on NetBSD in practice".

ipv6to4 could be moved to "24.7. Next generation Internet protocol - IPv6"

About the separate chapters:

"13. File systems" and "14. Disk Device". The separation is okay for 
me, it's systematic and clear. But would it possibly make sense to put 
them into one chapter? Maybe something like "Storage devices and file 

In "13. File systems" it's not always obvious to users what the 
different file system are useful for. The "fields of application" should 
be made clearer.

"14.2.1. Configuring booting process": I think "booting process" is 
misleading here as it's about Master Boot Records and boot 
loaders, but not about the whole process of booting NetBSD.

In general the two new chapters would benefit from additional 
introductory (or explanatory) sentences.

Many thanks & best regards, Mark