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Date: 06/28/2007 18:09:50
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On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 22:49:59 +0200
Luc Desfosses <> wrote:

> > That's what I wanted to read about - what are the guidelines. If
> > they follow my views the translations will be a lot of easier to do.
> It's not the end of the world, a little perl thing (or what you
> like ) can put the xml file as you like...
> And if everybody follow your views, NetBSD will be rename
> PaweltczykBSD, and everybody
> will post in two list for a minor 'problem'... :)

Hi buddy,

Posting to two lists is "the" miner problem, not the guidelines.
I wanted to know what the layouts in translated xml files are
preferred by NetBSD docs maintainers. As far as I am to translate a few
pages to Polish.

Why the two mailing list were invoked (not by me) I explained in one of
my posts in this thread.

> Would you be more modest, pity...
I couldn't agree more. If you only understand what you read... and


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