Subject: cross index ports by product?
To: None <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 01/16/2007 13:24:12
I don't know most of the NAS, smallbox, sub-miniature, device makers
from a bar of soap. I also don't know if they use ARM, or MIPS or PPC,
or Geode, or any of the other choices.

Could we cross-index the various port-<x> by the well known brands
which they represent?

I realise this is non-trivial, eg the linksys might cover both ARM and
<other> likewise the kuro box, because of changes in the CPU
architecture across the life of the machine. (IBM Netstation/Thin
clients come in at least two, if not more CPU variants, across PC,
Geode and PPC)

But coming from the other way is unbelievably hard: if you think you've
spotted a box which might run NetBSD, finding out if its in evbmips, or
a specific port, or actually now under the <x> architecture is way, way
too hard.

Maybe I mis-understand how it works, but its beginning to look like we
have far MORE platforms, or potential platforms, than many people
think: they aren't top-level architectures, they might lie deep down in
the port-specific conf/ subdir of kernel types, or listed as a /* ...
*/ comment inside arch specific comments..