Subject: Re: linux cross-compilation
To: Lubomir Kundrak <>
From: Narayana Prasad <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 10/16/2006 12:41:29
Hi Lubo
    Sorry for not being clear the first time. The patch is not required 
for the 3.0.1. The author of the article had documented the steps in May 
2003 and what i was trying to say is that the patch is no longer 
required. However, there is one change in the patch that NetBSD 
distribution doesnt have. The lack of this change causes a re-definition 
warning for every C file being compiled and the patch is not critical. 
The rest of the documention is primarily 2 steps - one is to build the 
tools(which is essential for cross-compilation from linux) and the 
second is to build the kernel itself.

Also only when i read the comments inside did i realize that it 
was intended for use on all POSIX shells. This  was not evident to me 
from the NetBSD documentation. Searching through mailing lists was 
giving me hits on problem reports rather than solutions. So i thought 
that it will be useful for others to know that cross-compiling NetBSD 
from linux is not rocket-science. If these steps are already covered 
somewhere in the NetBSD documentation can you please point me to that 
and in that case, there wouldnt be a need to add new documentation.


Lubomir Kundrak wrote:
> Hello, Prasad!
> I find that patch to carry the only piece of information missing from
> the current documentation. As -current doesn't build correctly on MDK it
> should IMHO be considered a bug and the patch should be imported instead
> of noting the bug in the documentation.
> Kind regards,
> Lubo
> On Po, 2006-10-16 at 11:06 +0530, Narayana Prasad wrote:
>> Hi
>>     I found the information at 
>> very useful and still applicable(except for the patch part) to the 
>> NetBSDD3.0.1 release. I think it will be worthwhile to mention that link 
>> at under a kernel FAQ like "Is it 
>> possible to compile NetBSD from linux?" or "Other Information" section.
>> Thanks
>> Prasad